Cuba is a place where you can travel comfortably if you know some information that you essentially need during your travel. Most of the tourists that go there are Europeans. Not so with Americans because of the embargo that was given by the US to Cuba. That is why it is not easy for Americans to travel there. But when the relations were opened, visas could now be issued for Americans to travel to Cuba. But you should beware not to get information before going there if your American.

That is because you may experience problems mainly due to the currency. They have their own currencies being used in Cuba and they also accept US dollars but you could be in charge of penalties for its conversion. It is better to have euros with you. Do not rely on ATMs as they can have a problem and you might end up not having money to spend for your vacation. You must bring cash with you when you travel and bring enough of it.

You may think that it is cheap to travel to the country but it is not. They have two currencies and they usually use the CUC for the luxury items like an internet card and the CUC for daily commodities like rice and other food items. The CUC is higher in value and you might experience being scammed when they will give your change in CUP. It can happen and understand how it works. One more thing is that falling in line for services and goods is normal in Cuba. Be prepared for it.